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Russell Wilson progressing as Seattle Seahawks starting QB

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Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks has made huge progress in the past month as the starting quarterback, peaking with a great performance against the Minnesota Vikings.

Stephen Brashear

Russell Wilson appears to be growing into his role as the starting quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks. After some early struggles, Wilson has thrown eight touchdowns to two interceptions over the past four games. Seattle had perhaps their strongest offensive performance of the season in beating Minnesota, which saw Wilson throw three touchdowns, giving him 13 on the season.

It wasn't just the fact that Wilson threw touchdowns, but how he ended up producing them. Brady Henderson of MyNorthwest files this report.

Indeed, the emergence of Tate and Rice have done wonders for Wilson, as they've become his favorite targets on the team and has found them 21 times for 201 yards in the past two games.

Up next for Wilson is the Jets at home. After that is a bye week, then come road trips to Miami and Chicago. There will definitely be big moments these next few weeks to build upon the progress of the past month as Seattle's starting quarterback.