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Rex Ryan on loss to Seahawks: "It wasn't a complete beatdown"

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The Seahawks blew out the Jets on Sunday, but New York head coach Rex Ryan believe the game was closer than the score indicates.


The Seattle Seahawks defeated the New York Jets by three touchdowns on Sunday, but head coach Rex Ryan still believes there are positive things to take from his team's 28-7 loss. The game was close up until the final quarter, when the Seahawks scored two touchdowns to blow the game open.

Ryan was asked about the positives from the game when he appeared on ESPN Radio in New York on Tuesday. He felt that the game was the there for the taking, but mistakes proved costly, according to Sports Radio Interviews:

"It wasn’t a complete beatdown. Maybe the score indicates that it was but that wasn’t the case. It was obviously a close game up until the fourth quarter and it wasn’t that they were that much better than us, we had opportunities and unfortunately didn’t capitalize. We had the chance to take the lead on the one yard line, then we have the penalty, we have the interception and then the defense forces a three and out and we fumbled the punt. We had opportunities and I think we’re making improvements on this football team but it hasn’t shown on the scoreboard and that’s the most important thing, but again I do see us making some improvements."

Of course, Ryan ignores that the only points his team could muster came on a mistake by the Seahawks. The Jets tied the game in the first quarter when a Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson's fumble was returned for a touchdown. The drive to the one that Ryan mentioned was the only time the Jets offense threatened.

The stats don't agree with Ryan's assessment, either. The Seahawks nearly doubled New York's total yardage, time of possession, and first downs. The term is subjective, but this appeared to be about as complete a beatdown as there can be in the NFL.