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Seahawks' Russell Wilson defends his play so far

Russell Wilson doesn't have many complaints about the way he's played so far during his rookie year.

Al Messerschmidt

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson defended his play when asked how he would grade himself at the mid-season mark, according to Sportspress Northwest's Art Thiel.

Here's what the rookie signal caller had to say about what he's done for the team so far in 2012:

"I think I played well...Obviously, I wish I had a couple more wins on my belt...But the great thing about it is, for me as a rookie playing the quarterback position, all of the games lost have come down to the end. I don't think it can get any better in terms of this organization and for me personally to be able to understand those situations that much better and still play at a high level."

And really, it's hard to argue with Wilson's assessment. Even with eight interceptions on the season, Wilson has been fairly accurate completing 61.4% of his passes for 1466 yards and 10 touchdowns all while picking up 10 first downs with his feet.

As for the close games part, Wilson is right when he says that he has put the Seahawks in the position to be competitive in each one of their contests. Although Seattle is 4-4, all of their losses have come by a deficit of one score or less.

With numbers like that, it's doubtful that the 12th man will be chanting Matt Flynn's name anytime soon.