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NFL power rankings, week 6: Seahawks stay in middle of the pack

The Seattle Seahawks are riding a dominant defense to a plus-.500 record and playoff aspirations

Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Seattle Seahawks are 3-2 coming off a 16-12 win over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. The Seahawks are somewhat of an anomaly this season as they can look really good or really bad on any given occasion. But due to a monster defense, a stellar running game and an opportunistic special teams, the Seahawks have been in every game and are steadying themselves in the middle of the pack in the power rankings.

ESPN moved the Seahawks up one spot to No. 16 and reminded us that the Seahawks top-rated defense (by yards) will face the New England Patriots and their top-rated offense this Sunday.

CBS Sports kept the Seahawks at No. 15 and said what many people are saying: "They still aren't going anywhere if Russell Wilson doesn't improve. But that defense is for real. Right, Cam?"

SB Nation moved the Seahawks up one spot to No. 15 and gave all their props to the defense as they should.

"I'm having a lot of trouble figuring this team out but I do know one thing: that defense is incredible. At least through five games. They're playing well enough to carry the Seahawks to a .500-or-above record this year."

That's saying a lot about a defense for a team with a rookie quarterback.