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NFL power rankings, Week 9: Seahawks can't crack top 10 of power rankings

The Seattle Seahawks' inconsistency from week to week leads to them being all over the place in terms of the NFL power rankings.


The Seattle Seahawks continue to move up and down the NFL power rankings week to week as they seem to choose from week to week whether they are going to show what makes them great (running the ball, defense) or what doesn't (youth at quarterback, inconsistent offense). This week was the latter as the Seahawks fell down the power rankings once again after a loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

SB Nation moved the Seahawks down two spots to No. 12 and pointed out how much the NFC West was the league hype for being a competitive division and now it's kind of fallen away from that feeling.

The Seahawks stayed in the No. 11 spot on's power rankings but were leapfrogged by the Pittsburgh Steelers who moved up two spots to No. 10.

CBS Sports dropped the Seahawks three spots to No. 14 and admonish the team to find a way to win on the road. The Seahawks' defense didn't look the same at the end of the game against the Lions.