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Seahawks vs. Lions 2012: Lack of rushing attempts killed Seattle

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The Seattle Seahawks had Marshawn Lynch only carry the ball 12 times Sunday despite the fact that he was averaging 8.8 yards per carry.


The Seattle Seahawks blew a late lead against the Detroit Lions Sunday to fall to 4-4 at the halfway mark of the NFL season.

The Seahawks didn't play terrible in any particular aspect of the game but were instead beat by a quality opponent who finally began playing to their potential.

Still, if one were to take a deeper look at the box score, they'd probably find it a bit odd that a team built like Seattle didn't give the ball to Marshawn Lynch for more than 12 carries. Lynch did finish the day over the century mark with 105 yards and a touchdown but most of that came on a 77-yard endzone sprint early in the second quarter.

Field Gulls' Jacson Bevens also found this development quite curious and expressed his feelings in his post game recap:

"In the second half...I was hoping to see Darrell Bevell lean on his backs and take advantage of the Lions' struggles defending the run. Instead, the 'Hawks let Wilson spread his wings, flicking the ball all over the field...After [a Wilson interception], I again figured Seattle would try running the ball, but they continued to throw...All in all, the Seahawks only ran the ball 36% of the time today, which is a bit baffling to me."

It's doubtful this trend carries over into next week though. The Seahawks will be playing the Minnesota Vikings and are surely aware of the 285 rushing yards they've allowed to the Arizona Cardinals and Tampa Bay Buccaneers the past two weeks.