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Fantasy Football 2012: Sidney Rice a steady producer, but not a prolific scorer

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Sidney Rice is able to catch footballs, but isn't quite as reliable at grabbing touchdowns.


NFL wide receivers are generally an inconsistent bunch when it comes to producing good fantasy numbers. Since wide receivers generally are dependent on their quarterbacks for touches and their defensive coverage affording them space to make catches on a regular basis, there's always inconsistency in their numbers.

Sidney Rice of the Seattle Seahawks has been average so far. According to current wide receiver rankings by Philip Beanblossom, Rice is currently ranked 32nd in standard scoring and 33rd in PPR scoring. As the No. 1 receiver, those are slightly disappointing numbers.

Rice has only caught two touchdowns this season, with one coming against the Arizona Cardinals and another coming against the New England Patriots. He has been solid at grabbing a reception in every game, and has compiled over 20 receiving yards in each of his seven games.

So count on Rice for production this week against the Lions. Just don't expect him to put the football in the end zone on a regular basis.