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Matt Hasselbeck throws game-winning TD on fourth down for Titans to beat Bills

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In his third start for the Titans this season, Hasselbeck was again able to pull out late-game heroics.

Rick Stewart

Seattle has seen this before, and even though Matt Hasselbeck is no longer sporting the Seahawks uniform, he still gets respect and love from afar. And he's earning that adoration with his play for the Tennessee Titans the past two weeks.

The Titans defeated the Buffalo Bills, 35-34, on Sunday in dramatic fashion with Hasselbeck snatching the win from the Bills with a 15-yard touchdown pass on fourthth-and-9 with 1:03 remaining in the game.

"It's a great feeling," Hasselbeck said. "To pull through once again in a close game for our third win in a game that came down basically to the last play was a great feeling."

This comes after Hasselbeck led the Titans to a late-game win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Oct. 11.

Seattle knows all about Hasselbeck and his capability to provide heroics. Sunday's win marked Hasselbeck's 22nd fourth-quarter comeback win with a large portion of those wins coming while he helmed the Seahawks' offense.

With Hasselbeck starting his third game for the injured Jake Locker and running back Chris Johnson finally breaking loose for 195 yards rushing and two touchdowns, the Titans may be able to get some more of the same memories Hasselbeck provided for Seahawks fans for so many years.