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Deadspin not a huge fan of former Seahawks' coach Jim Mora, Jr.

UCLA Bruins head coach Jim Mora, Jr. is only five games into his first year as the team's head coach, but he's already making "a name" for himself according to Deadspin (and T.J. Simers of the Los Angeles Times).

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

Former Seattle Seahawks head coach Jim Mora, Jr. isn't making any friends in Los Angeles, according to Dom Consentino of Deadspin.

A Deadspin article, titled "Jim Mora is an A--hole," cites an article by T.J. Simers of the Los Angeles Times that says the UCLA Bruins new head coach launched an expletive-riddled tirade on an unassuming sports information assistant in front of media members after the assistant allowed cameramen into a restricted area at the team's practice.

It's possible that Simers, who has made a name for himself by being a notorious button-pusher of L.A.-area athletes and coaches, is making a mountain out of a a**hole molehill per usual, but Mora's not helping his own case any.

Mora kicked the media out of the Bruins practice last Wednesday and attempted to justify the decision by saying he had "some issues" with UCLA's sports information office, via Deadspin:

"I'm not going to jeopardize what we're doing as a football team because of the incompetence of some people."

He's not mincing words.

Mora has a ways to go before he overtakes Lane Kiffin as the L.A.-area's biggest a--hole college head coach, but it would appear that he's on his way.