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NFL power rankings 2012: Seahawks fall back into the middle of the pack

A struggling Seahawks offense needs to find a way to help out their strong defense in order to move up the power rankings

Dilip Vishwanat - Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks have seemingly proven through the first four weeks who they are as a team. They have a strong defense, strong running game and a suspect passing game. The defense and the running game will win them games but eventually Russell Wilson will have to do something in the passing game, particularly if they fall behind.

The back-and-forth performances the first four weeks of the season led to three of the nation's power rankings to have the Seahawks right in the middle of the pack, possibly where they've belonged all along.

ESPN dropped the ‘Hawks seven spots to No. 17, complimenting the defense but reminding us that Seattle is on pace for their fewest passing yards since 1992.

CBS dropped the ‘Hawks four spots to No. 15, calling out the offense and their rookie quarterback in the process.

SB Nation dropped the ‘Hawks four spots to No. 16, recognizing that maybe they jumped the gun with their ranking previously. Sixteen is right where they should be with a really good defense and suspect offense.