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ESPN's Mike Salk tells Seahawks fans not to panic

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Mike Salk, co-host of the Brock and Salk Show on 710 ESPN Seattle, wrote an encouraging column Friday morning advising Seattle Seahawks fans not to hit the panic button following Thursday night's 13-6 loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

While Salk does admit that the team "squandered plenty of opportunities" Thursday in an important divisional battle, he still just wants everyone to remember that the team remains in "tremendous shape."

"Does anyone come away from this loss thinking Seattle can't play with the Niners? I sure don't...The Hawks are young team with a bright future. This loss is nothing more than a learning rung on their ladder to success."

Salk also took a moment to remind fans that despite all the receiving drops and poor play from the rush defense, the Seahawks still have a "gigantic secondary," a "powerful force at running back" and "a precocious young quarterback with a strong arm, quick feet and a flare for the dramatic."

And the Seahawks will be looking to put all of those positives on display two Sundays from now when they head to Detroit to take on another playoff-caliber team in the Lions.