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Harvard study determines Seahawks have best home field advantage in the NFL

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The Seattle Seahawks have the best home field advantage, according to a study by The Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective.

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks have mathematical proof that their home field often labeled as one of the best in football is just that, The Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective determined.

The study, which took into account the stadium architecture as much as the crowd noise, calculated point differential in NFL team stadiums against point differentials on the road to determine the power of home field. Teams that moved stadiums in the past five years were omitted from the study because of the small sample size.

The Seahawks came in first with a positive 79.7 home points per season at CenturyLink Field. The Baltimore Ravens' home, M&T Bank Stadium, came in second, and their 13-game home winning streak backs up the study. The home fields of St. Louis, Arizona and Kansas City round out the top five.

The New England Patriots' Gillette Stadium comes in dead last in the study, and that probably has much to do with the open architecture that allows sound to escape.