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2012 NFL power rankings: Seahawks crash the top 10

The Seahawks continue to go back and forth from being a dark horse contender to a middle-of-the-road team and back again.

Stephen Brashear - Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks just don't know what they want to do. Some weeks they are a middle of the pack team with a struggling offense and other weeks they ride a dominant defensive performance tag-teamed with a growing rookie quarterback who can occasionally show why his teammates and coaches have so much faith in him.

This week was the latter, and the Seahawks moved into the top 10 in three national power rankings after their performance on Sunday against the New England Patriots.

ESPN moved the Seahawks up seven spots to No. 9 and lauded their ability to rank second in the league in points per game allowed despite the caliber of quarterbacks they've faced. Four of them were in the Pro Bowl last season.

SB Nation moved the Seahawks up seven spots to No. 8 even though they question whether No. 8 is too high for this team.

Sportsline moved the Seahawks up eight spots to No. 7 and recognized that if Russell Wilson can play like he did in the fourth quarter against the Patriots, then the Seahawks can be a dangerous team due to their defense.