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Seahawks vs. Rams 2012: Seattle loses another close game, blog reacts

It's pretty obvious to Field Gulls' Danny Kelly what the formula for the Seattle Seahawks is in order to pull off a win.

"The Seahawks' formula is: strong defense, strong special teams, strong running game, take care of the football, force turnovers."

Notice there isn't a mention of a strong passing game.

There doesn't need to be.

Even with Russell Wilson taking over at quarterback, the Seahawks' passing game is still their glaring weakness. It is the primary reason the Seahawks continue to find themselves in close games. They won't blow anyone out and due to their defense, they'll hardly ever get blown out themselves.

Wilson threw three interceptions. That's three extra possessions in a ‘you need the ball' kind of game. Maybe Wilson improves as the season progresses but, "We're not there yet. Wilson didn't inspire a whole ton of confidence in this one."

The Rams still beat the Seahawks due to four field goals and a fake field goal attempt that led to a touchdown. There are the Rams' 19 points. And with an offense that isn't going to score too many points on the other side, the Rams walk away with a win and put the Seahawks in an 0-2 hole in the NFC West.