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Seattle Seahawks Offseason 2012: Will Seattle Use Franchise Tag On Marshawn Lynch?

Skittles-noshing, Beast-moding, Franchise-tagging? That just might be what it takes to keep unrestricted free agent Marshawn Lynch with the Seattle Sehawks going forward if they don't give him a fat contract.

Dave Boling of the The News Tribune discussed this very notion in an article published early Sunday morning, noting that it would cost around $8 million to put the tag on Lynch. Here, Boling re-hashed the Shaun Alexander situation of 2005 as a reference:

In that pre-free-agent period of 2005, the Seahawks arrived at long-term deals with key cogs Matt Hasselbeck and Walter Jones, and then franchised Alexander. Before camp, they arrived at a one-year deal with Alexander with the promise they wouldn't franchise him again the next season.

Alexander went on to be the league MVP with 370 carries and a record 27 rushing touchdowns that season. It led to a huge (but heavily back-loaded contract) the next year, and his productivity declined dramatically. He was gone after two more seasons.

Hopefully a situation the Seahawks can avoid with Lynch.

Pete Carroll was adamant that he wants to keep the guys he has in Seattle, and fans most certainly would love to have him back. Coach will have some tough choices t make though as he has 18 unrestricted free agents to deal with this offseason:

"(Cap-wise) we have some room. ... We really want to focus on the guys on our team right now, and I want that to be a strong message that we believe in the guys that we have put together here (as) the foundation of a championship team.

One of those cornerstone's of the 'championship team' would seemingly be a guy like Lynch, and hopefully the Seahawks can ensure he stays with them for the long run.

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