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Mel Kiper Has Seattle Seahawks Taking Kyle Williams In 2006 NFL Re-Draft

People may forget this, but the Seattle Seahawks went to the Super Bowl over a half-decade ago. It's a Super Bowl that's been lost to the ravages of time, but that Seattle team was plenty good and deserved a lot more credit than they actually got.

Mel Kiper regrades his 2006 NFL Draft
, which of course has the Seahawks picking low with the 31st pick. In this draft, he has them taking Kyle Williams (No, not THAT Kyle Williams) from LSU.

The defensive tackle has turned out to be a great performer in the league with the Buffalo Bills as a defensive tackle. Of course, Seattle is hardly bereft of good defensive tackles these days (Brandon Mebane anyone?), so it's not like it's a big loss for them.

Click here for the full Kiper re-draft. You'll need an ESPN Insider account to view the whole thing.

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