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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Seattle Seahawks Could Take Devon Still

The biggest issue on the defensive side of the football for the Seattle Seahawks would be at the defensive end position. Seattle has great interior lineman and decent linebacker play, but they could use an upgrade on the outside to give their offense more dimensions.

Ryan Van Bibber of SB Nation had his latest mock draft, and Devon Still from the Penn St. Nittany Lions is the choice for the Seahawks in the first round with their eleventh pick to get that pass rush going.

Seattle is another team that mixes and matches their defensive alignments. Still looks more like a defensive tackle, but he has the skills to work from the outside as well. The Seahawks need pass rush help, and this pick could change as the spring events start shuffling opinions about defensive line prospects.

With a guy like Still, the Seahawks will be that much closer to sporting a defense close to what their NFC West counterpart the 49ers have been putting out there the last few weeks.

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