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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Oregon RB LaMichael James May Head To Buccaneers In Second Round

The 2012 NFL Draft is getting closer, with mock drafts and analysis still popping up regularly and beginning to achieve some sort of uniformity.

One of the more recent mock drafts includes a suggestion about Oregon Ducks running back LaMichael James. Mock draft website Dreft Tek suggests that the Ducks star may be selected as the No. 36 overall pick, which would send him to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers early in the second round. Here is their take:

The Bucs could go in several directions with this pick. The most glaring need is at linebacker, where all 3 of the Bucs starter were among the league's worst performers, per and their system of metrics. In recent mock drafts, good fits have not been available at LB. This time out, the Bucs could pull the trigger on Vontaze Burfict. It's mayhem when he plays, a violent wrecking ball to opposing offenses. But that's only when he plays. He's a personal foul waiting to happen, and was suspended for the Las Vegas bowl (vs Boise State). We think the Bucs would've made this pick in past years, but not now - they don't need Aqib Talib II. The DRAFTSIM model has mocked LaMichael James to the Bucs in previous weeks. The pick makes sense. He's a change of pace back who will complement LaGarrette Blount, rather than replace him were the Bucs to pick Trent Richardson in R1. James will add speed to an offense badly in need of it.

Following the season that the Buccaneers put together, it seems plainly obvious that they need help any way they can get it.

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