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NFL Pro Bowl: Seahawks FB Michael Robinson Added To NFC Roster

The Seahawks already had one player represented on the starting roster of the 2012 NFL Pro Bowl in Earl Thomas, but he's now officially going to be joined in Hawaii by FB Michael Robinson. Robinson was originally the first-alternate to the NFC team but with Green Bay's John Kuhn pulling out of the game with an injury, the Seahawk captain gets the nod.

As Clare Farnsworth of writes, his teammates would be the first to acknowledge the impact he's had on the run game, both on the field and in the locker room:

"He doesn't have this on his jersey for no reason," Lynch said, pointing to the captain's patch on Robinson's jersey.

"(Being voted a first alternate) was only right for him. He's a player that can do that. I just run behind him."

Robinson's handyman efforts did not go unnoticed - when it came time to vote of the Pro Bowl, obviously; but also by his teammates. Among the items Robinson was packing up on Jan. 2 was a tool belt that the other running backs had presented him.

"This is my tool belt," Robinson said, unable to hold back a smile. "It signifies that I come to work and I can fix a lot of problems. That's going to be in my locker forever now."

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