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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Another Vote for Quinton Coples to the Seahawks

So far we've seen mock draft artists project a wide range of players and positions to the Seahawks, from quarterback to wide receiver. One position that is coming up a lot recently is the defensive end. SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber had just such a player going to the Seahawks in his latest mock. Here's what Van Bibber had this to say:

11. Seattle Seahawks*, Quinton Coples, DE, North Carolina

Seattle's defense played well this season, but they had a worse sack rate than the Bills. Coples is a versatile pass rusher who can play on the inside or the outside. Coples comes with some questions about his attitude, but it's nothing that Pete Carroll can't handle.

I agree with Ryan that one of the Seahawks main issues is their lack of pass rush and it could easily be argued that it should be their number one priority this year in the Draft, even over quarterback, possibly. The Coples pick is interesting because he can play both on the inside as a pass-rushing defensive tackle or move to the outside as a defensive end. Coples, though, has been knocked for his effort, especially in his senior season, and the Seahawks may shy away from drafting another North Carolina defensive end after swinging and missing on E.J. Wilson two seasons ago.

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