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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Seahawks May Target OLB Zach Brown

The Seattle Seahawks certainly have more than a few holes to fill for the upcoming season. There are a great many options available to them in the approaching 2012 NFL Draft. Lately, most mock draft analysis have suggested that the Seahawks might target a quarterback in the first round, to prepare for the coming seasons when Tarvaris Jackson is no longer around. A new round of analysis suggests that the team may instead focus on problems that need to be addressed immediately. To that end, they may take a look at North Carolina Tar Heels outside linebacker Zach Brown.

Here's what mock draft website Draft Tek has to say:

The Hawks defense while stout (7th overall in pts allowed) could still use a few upgrades in certain areas. 29 year old soon-to-be free agent Leroy Hill was particularly inept at his duties at WILL LB and the Hawks will be looking to correct this issue in 2012. Zach Brown is an athletic dynamo who could come in and takeover at the WILL, and provide the Hawks with the ability to lock down the edge and keep those speedy and elusive scat-backs from slipping through the cracks for big gains. Brown is a bit undersized (6'2, 230) and while his freakish athleticism is drawing comparisons to rookie Pro-Bowler Von Miller those same buzz words were used to describe everyone's former favorite Seahawk Aaron Curry as well. If he is indeed drafted by Carroll, I think its safe to assume all of Seahawks nation will be praying for the former. That being said, Brown has the physical tools to succeed and would be well worth the risk as a mid 1st round BPA selection.

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