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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Should Seattle Seahawks Consider Trading For Matt Flynn?

The Seattle Seahawks are preparing for the 2012 NFL Draft, along with every other team that is not currently in the playoffs (and likely a few that are). The incoming class of players eligible for the draft is talented and diverse and the Seahawks have a decent pick in the first round, owning the No. 12 overall pick.

Seattle has a lot of needs that they'll be looking to fill. One of those needs is a young quarterback that they can groom to take over for Tarvaris Jackson in the next few years.

And perhaps the next Seattle QB isn't available in the draft. Perhaps that pick is better spent trading for Matt Flynn.

Seahawks blog Field Gulls broke down Flynn's play with the Green Bay Packers to figure out if he's the right fit for the team. They come to conclusion that he might just be.

Personally, assuming he won't cost any picks and won't get a contract anywhere close to Kolb's, I could definitely live with our front office adding Flynn, especially since Schneider has much more familiarity with him than we'll ever have. Honestly, after scouting him out, I don't see how any NFL front office could give him a Kolb-level contract, and if the Packers franchise him I don't see them getting a first round pick for him - even the lower of the two Cleveland first rounders would be asking too much.

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