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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Seattle Seahawks Take Devon Still

The Seattle Seahawks have some serious issues at certain positions. They definitely do have particular needs, but they particularly desire a pass rush to pick up the team and get them going. The Seahawks have an average defensive front with a decent ability to clamp on the run, but their pass game needs some help. They need guys who get to the quarterback to help complete a defense that needs some work.

In this mock draft by Pick 256 of Mocking the Draft, Devon Still of the Penn St. Nittany Lions is the pick here. Still is a great pass rusher, one of the best on the board, and he's definitely someone who should be considered here with this pick. Find out more about why this was the pick below.

The Seahawks find themselves in no-man's land here. The QB's are gone and it's probably too early to consider any of the remaining DE's (to play the LEO position). If Marshawn Lynch departs, a RB would be a possibility. However, their pass rush is lacking, especially from the interior DL. Devon Still gives them a big guy who can push the pocket and should take some pressure off Brandon Mebane.

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