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Mel Kiper Re-Grades Seattle Seahawks 2011 NFL Draft Class: Seahawks Improve From D+ to B+

It's that time of year when most NFL fans have nothing left to look forward to but next year for their favorite team, meaning that mock drafts and rumors will take up much of their time these days until the draft in the Spring and beginning of camp this Summer.

That's where ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. comes in, bringing you a mind-numbng amount of football content in the upcoming months, including his re-grading all 30 NFL teams' 2011 draft class, including the Seattle Seahawks.' You might just be pleasantly surprised at the new grade Mr. Kiper gives them.

Here is Kiper's full re-analysis of the Seahawks draft class from 2011:

Seattle Seahawks Post-draft grade: D+

In the grades file, I wrote: "By passing on Andy Dalton, the clear impression is that Seattle has other plans at quarterback. ... I hope the Seahawks have better plans at quarterback than they did in terms of adding value here." Look, Tarvaris Jackson could be the answer, but I don't think anybody is ready to say he or she is 100 percent sold on that idea after a 7-9 season.

And although James Carpenter became the starter on the right side, I just wasn't in love with the value. He got injured after Week 9. John Moffitt also started but also was injured. So early on, I still see questions. However, the draft actually gains momentum from there.

The emergence of No. 99 overall pick K.J. Wright was big, and it allowed the Seahawks to move Aaron Curry to Oakland and recoup at least an ounce of value. In a loaded fifth round, Richard Sherman has emerged as a total steal and, along with former CFL star Brandon Browner and a pair of fantastic safeties, has made the Seattle secondary one of the best in the NFL in a really short period.

It gets pretty quiet after that, mostly because I'm not allowed to factor in fabulous UFA signing Doug Baldwin. Regardless, a D-plus draft in terms of value got a lot better, although if Carpenter and Moffitt don't become a solid right side, the Hawks have nothing to show for the early rounds. And the quarterback question is perhaps even bigger now because there's enough talent elsewhere to compete.

New grade: B-

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