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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Will Ryan Tannehill Go To The Seahawks?

Mock Draft season is heating up as we inch closer to the 2012 NFL Draft, and sportswriters are busy doing their best to project where certain players might be a fit. Although throughout the college football season, consensus opinion was that Ryan Tannehill was probably a second round value as a raw, toolsy project, the need for quarterbacks ultimately drives teams to reach based on need. Will that happen this season? Sports Illustrated's Andrew Perloff thinks so.

Perloff has mocked the Texas A&M quarterback to the Seahawks at number 12, and he's not the first one I've seen do so.

12. Seattle Seahawks* -- Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M
The former college wide receiver will shine during the pre-draft process. He has athletic ability and the brains to wow teams in interviews. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has to be smarting that Matt Barkley returned to USC, but will still go quarterback to develop someone behind Tarvaris Jackson.

Though I don't doubt the logic when Perloff states that Tannehill's athleticism would wow some teams pre-draft, news came out after this article was written that the Texas A&M product suffered a pretty serious foot injury last week that may hurt his ability to do just that. My first thought is that this may ultimately hurt his stock, but we saw the mad rush for QBs in last year's draft so nothing would shock me at this point.

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