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2012 NFL Draft Order: Seattle Seahawks, Kansas City Chiefs Will Flip For 11th Pick

This isn't quite as exciting as two teams flipping for the first and the second pick, but both the Seattle Seahawks and the Kansas City Chiefs are uncertain who they'll be picking in the 2012 NFL Draft. Both of them are right in the lottery mix, and one of them will finish with a higher pick because of pure chance.

With Seattle losing to Arizona and the Philadelphia Eagles also winning, Seattle leapt all the way up from the 14th pick to the 11th/12th position into a tie with Kansas City. However, both the Seahawks and the Chiefs are tied in all of the tiebreaking scenarios, so it'll come down to a coin flip to determine who gets the pick. It's likely the coin toss will take place at the NFL Combine (as it has in previous scenarios), but both teams should be in prime position.

If Seattle wins, they get the 11th pick; a loss drops them to the 12th pick. Not a significant drop, but every position could make the difference in a draft loaded with top players.

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