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VIDEO: Marshawn Lynch Breaks Down His Beast Mode Touchdown At NFL Films

The great folks at NFL Films decided to break down Marshawn Lynch's touchdown run from the 2011 NFL Playoffs. But what made this video clip a big winner was that they invited the Seattle Seahawks running back to break it down with them. And you get a feel for Lynch as an individual--irreverent, laid-back, and downright awesome.

Plus quotable. Oh, so quotable.

  • Marshawn Lynch does something amazing on his touchdown run. "Uh-oh, there might be trouble". He says this a lot.
  • Marshawn Lynch finishes off every big run by eating the Skittles his mom leaves for him at the game, just like he's done at every big football game he's been in since high school. His success "came from some damn Skittles."

And of course,

  • "I don't know if you can like get into it. No, this ain't something you can go home and be like, 'I want to get in Beast Mode, I want to get in Beast Mode.' Naw, that ain't the way it work. Beast Mode is already inside of you."

Marshawn the philosopher. The man can do it all. In Beast Mode, of course.

Video after the jump.

(via PeteCarrollTV)