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David Garrard Not In Seattle Seahawks Plans, According To Pete Carroll

The Seattle Seahawks believe they're set at quarterback with Tavaris Jackson. That's it. That's the punch line. That's all you really need there really.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that head coach Pete Carroll is not going to pursue recently cut quarterback David Garrard. Because the Seahawks have Tavaris Jackson. Who else do they need?

Here are Tavaris's stats in the NFL: 20 career NFL starts, 58.7 completion percentage, 3,984 passing yards, 6.6 passing yards per attempt, 24 touchdowns, 22 interceptions, 76.6 passer rating, 535 rushing yards.

Here are Garrard's stats: 76 career NFL starts, 61.6 completion percentage, 16,0003 passing yards, 7 passing yards per attempt, 89 touchdowns, 54 interceptions, 85.8 passer rating, 1746 rushing yards.

Yeah I don't know guys. I think Garrard might be good, but I'm not sure if he's got the moxie that Pete Carroll wants. Tavaris Jackson's just got that upside you know? And that stuff is important to being an NFL player.

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