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PHOTO: Roy Lewis Hasn't Learned Sharing, Ricardo Lockette Loses

If you've ever shared a communal living space, there's probably been a moment where the lines are drawn in the sand, or with duct tape. It's a part of life. There comes a time where boundaries are crossed, then need to be reestablished, with a tangible measure of "mine" and "yours."

In the NFL, this happens in the locker room. And when you're a rookie, like Ricardo Lockette is, there's no winning the space battle.


You see, Roy Lewis has a new neighbor, and his neighbor is rookie Ricardo Lockette. But poor Lockette looks so sad to be neighbors with Lewis here for some reason. I mean, look at the poor guy, looking like Eeyore after losing his tail.

Lockette had a good sense of humor about the practical joke, tweeting out the picture, which he posed for. If this whole football thing doesn't work out, perhaps he could be a pouty-face model.