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Tom Cable's Back Surgery Causes Seahawks To Get Inventive

Seattle Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable has missed the last couple of days of practice recuperating from Monday back surgery, but rejoined the team Friday and will be ready to go this Sunday. And even though he missed a few practices this week in body, he certainly didn't miss a thing in mind.

Head coach Pete Carroll shared through Twitter that coach Cable had indeed been making practice from his hospital bed via skype on an ipad, which isn't only very savvy on behalf of the Seahawks but also just plain cool:

Glad Coach Cable's back from surgery! Really cool we could include him thru Skype the last few days:
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The picture posted by Carroll gives you a sense of how it might have worked, having an assistant coach shove his ipad in the trenches at practices, getting in where Cable's face likely would have been if not for his time in the hospital. True, there's nothing better than the real thing, but skype practice is better than no practice, and it must have made coach Cable's R&R time go a lot faster being able to do work remotely in the hospital.