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NFL Trade Rumors: Aaron Curry & The Green Bay Packers Wouldn't Be Far-Fetched

There were a lot of rumors back in the 2009 NFL Draft that the Green Bay Packers would end up with Aaron Curry with the ninth pick, but the Seahawks ended up taking Curry earlier. The Packers ended up with B.J. Raji. I think the Packers are more satisfied with their pick than the Seahawks. With Curry now potentially being dealt, Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that the Packers could be potential suitors to help shore up their defensive front seven.

It's a low-risk situation for the Packers. Green Bay could use an outside linebacker to pair with the dangerous Clay Matthews. Right now the Packers are set on the inside with A.J. Hawk and Desmond Bishop, but at OLB the situation is not quite as stable. Erik Walden performed well in the Super Bowl run for Green Bay, but his upside is limited as a starter. Perhaps Curry can perform better in a 3-4 defense rather than a 4-3 and provide the Packers with another quality body on the outside to assist Matthews in closing up the outside edge.

And if he doesn't work the same way he didn't work in Seattle, he doesn't work, and everyone moves on.

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