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NFL Trade Rumors: The Aaron Curry Situation Is Weird

The Seattle Seahawks are shopping Aaron Curry, right? Or are they not?

Curry sure seems to think so. He's talked about it on Twitter openly in a way that indicates his distance with the franchise since his original demotion. Now there's plenty of open discussion about what the Seahawks can get in return for Curry.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll sure seems to believe Curry isn't leaving. Danny O'Neill of the Seattle Times with the report.

"It's how he responds and fights back and competes that will be important," Carroll said after Curry's demotion from the first-unit defense.


On Monday, Carroll left open the possibility Curry could play his way back into the first-unit defense.

"Competition is a motivator, and hopefully it motivates all our guys," Carroll said. "In this case for Aaron, I think he's highly motivated to get back in there."

I think it's safe to say that the Curry discussion isn't about to die. Not when he gives a press conference like this (again, O'Neil with the story).

This guy seems super-enthusiastic to get on the field. I'm sure the Seahawks are definitely reconsidering their decision to bench him now! Can a seventh round draft pick provide this much drama? I THINK NOT.

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