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VIDEO: Top Fat Guy Runs, Where Sam Adams Is The Fattest

Look, the ties to Seattle here are loose as can be, but I don't care. Fat guy runs are always worth a watch, or 10. And this video, featuring the top-10 fat guy runs is certainly worth your time. Because who doesn't love watching big men who don't normally handle the football try to rumble into the end zone? You do love America, right?

The tie to Seattle comes in the form of Sam Adams. Drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in 1994, Adams was with the team through the 1999 season, before bouncing around between teams to end his career. And when he was in Buffalo, Adams delivered a fat guy touchdown for the ages. It was awkward, it was slow-moving, and it was oh so incredible.

H/T Kegs N Eggs

At 350 pounds, Adams is the fattest of the fat guys in the video, but the comedic value in his interception return matches his girth. To see him somehow manage to wrap his paws around a pass, then "sprint" to the end zone, is something else.

Here's to more fat guy runs this season. They're truly the greatest thing in sport.