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NFL Power Rankings: ESPN Drops Seattle Seahawks To Last

That thud you heard was the Seattle Seahawks hitting the floor in the latest NFL power rankings. Just two weeks into the season, the Seahawks have fallen all the way to the bottom of the ESPN power rankings, placing themselves firmly in the race for the top pick in the 2011 NFL Draft -- at least for now. It's been a rough two weeks, and a shutout loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers clearly didn't do Seattle any favors, even in a poor NFC West.

But the reasoning for dropping the Seahawks to No. 32 in this week's NFL power rankings is just as jarring. Mike Sando explains.

The Seahawks have been shut out in six of eight quarters this season. (Sando)

Yes, it's only two games, but this is bad. Four quarters of shutout ball this past Sunday, and two more the previous week against San Francisco, just aren't good. When the offense is this inept, it could be a long season.

For now, we wait and wonder. With injuries on the offensive side of the ball already, there is no real quick fix, nor is there a way to suddenly raise the hopes of a fanbase that's fallen into an early depression.

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