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Seahawks Vs Raiders: Seattle's Run Game Controlling The Tempo

The Seahawks continue to lead 10-3 at the end of the third quarter and a large part of that is due to the success of the Seahawks' run game. The Seahawks put together a 14-play drive that started at the 11:53 mark and didn't end until the 4:49 mark, chewing up over seven minutes of the quarter. It was unfortunately stalled at the three-yard line though as the Seahawks were stuffed on fourth down. This is exactly the type of ball control Pete Carroll loves so it's an encouraging sign. 

Thomas Clayton has led the way in the second half with 9 rushes for 41 yards. He's looked decisive and strong in his running and will surely spark a controversy over how many running backs the Seahawks should keep. Right now, Clayton sits behind Marshawn Lynch, Leon Washington, and Justin Forsett on the depth chart, but is putting together a pretty good argument for the Seahawks to find him a spot on the 53-man team. Vai Taua has run the ball twice and tacked on seven yards. 

The Hawks will look to grind out the fourth quarter and protect the lead.