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NFL Power Rankings: ESPN Not So Kind To Seattle Seahawks

While the Seattle Seahawks didn't fall all the way to the bottom of SB Nation's NFL Power Rankings this week, perhaps a No. 23 ranking was a bit generous, all things considered. There's no way to avoid it: Seattle looked bad for much of the game, and serious flaws were exposed by the San Francisco 49ers. It's only one game and the sample size doesn't come close to painting a clear picture, but we could be in for a long season as the Seahawks attempt to rebuild.

Over at ESPN, the Seahawks slide in at No. 31 in the latest power rankings, firmly in the race for Andrew Luck or whichever franchise quarterback might be available in the 2012 NFL Draft. Seattle finds itself in bad company, with the Cleveland Browns at No. 32 and the Cincinnati Bengals at No. 30. To say the Seahawks have room for improvement would be an understatement.

Mike Sando explained the rationale for the Seahawks ranking, quickly pointing out the flaws and one bright spot.

Defense strong, offense weak and special teams horrible in opening defeat. (Sando)

But, again, we're just one week into the season and plenty of football is left. For now, though, the Seahawks find themselves in a tough position, looking to climb out of a hole after a season-opening defeat to division-rival San Francisco.

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