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Seahawks Vs. 49ers Score: Tarvaris Jackson Inept, Seattle Down 16-0 At Halftime

The Seattle Seahawks are looking like they're really bad at football. And quarterback Tarvaris Jackson has a lot to do with that.

After getting two first downs on the first drive of the game, the Seahawks offense has managed one on the next six. Jackson has completed seven of 11 passes, but has only managed 42 yards passing for an atrocious 3.8 yards per attempt and has been sacked three times and lost the ball once on a blindside sack. There hasn't been much help from the Seattle offensive line in terms of opening up the run game--Seattle has picked up a grand 12 yards on 11 carries--but Jackson has been ineffective in making anything happen through the air.

Meanwhile, San Francisco's offense keeps on putting up points. Alex Smith put up passes to Vernon Davis and Frank Gore, plus additional rushes from Gore set up another David Akers field goal. Then after another Seattle punt, Smith found Davis for two more completions, hit Michael Crabtree and Frank Gore for additional yardage, then rolled out with no timeouts and burst through to the end zone with 0:12 remaining (if he hadn't made it, the clock might have run out).

Seattle has been totally outplayed, but they're technically only down two scores. So the game (shockingly) isn't quite over yet.

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