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John Clayton Refutes Own Rumor Of Golden Tate's Possible Departure

ESPN football analyst John Clayton went on the "Brock and Salk" radio show on ESPN 710 AM Seattle Thursday to talk some shop with the boys, but also nip an unfortunate rumor in the bud that the Seattle Seahawks could possible cut Golden Tate from the regular season roster. 

Clayton originally stated on the "Kevin Calabro Show" that the Seahawks have a very similar receiver in Doug Baldwin, who could basically step in and take Tate's job for much less money. That caused a bit of a stir up in the great Northwest, causing Clayton to rebut his own statements: 

"I was kind of wondering about Golden Tate," Clayton said, "but now it's pretty well cleared up that he's going to make the team."     

Clayton's 'kind of wondering' made many a Seattle fan a bit nervous, especially considering Tate was a second-round pick. Head Coach Pete Carroll will undoubtedly have a lot of use for Tate, especially with the addition of Sidney Rice as the number one target, possibly giving Tate more open opportunities. 

Full interview can be heard here.

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