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Seahawks Safety Kam Chancellor Ready To Lead, Produce Some Big Hits

Seahawks' second year safety Kam Chancellor has been the toast of camp this week, going three straight days with an interception in practice as he looks to step in as the new starting strong safety. He's been stepping up to the plate, so to speak, after being told that 'the job is his to lose,' and has looked the part. Chancellor was on the Kevin Calabro show on Thursday, and provided some good insights to the Seahawks' Training Camp. 

On becoming a leader on this young team:

One of the coaches told me it's my job to lose. I got to come in here everyday, work hard for Pete, get into the playbook, study a little film, try to be a leader, lead the young guys, and just lead by example.

I'm ready to go. I'm trying to be consistent everyday, trying to bring intensity to the field, trying to answer questions for the young guys, and I'm ready to take this role.

I think all the young guys will be alright. They're all real hungry. They see the guys in front of them, they see how we work, how the program works. They come out here and compete everyday, no plays off, and that's just our motto. Just come out here, compete, and we just want to get the ball.

Chancellor is heading into 2011 as the replacement to former Husky legend and 15-year NFL veteran Lawyer Milloy at strong safety. Pretty big shoes to fill. Chancellor commented on the types of things Milloy brought to the Seahawks, something the sophomore out of Virginia Tech will need to emulate:

Lawyer (Milloy) always brought that intensity to the field. He was a very physical player, always throws his body around. That's one thing we'll probably miss, Lawyer coming in here, just giving it his all, at the age he is, he always gives his all everyday. He's always been the voice of the defense, besides Lofa, he was the voice of the defense, so yeah he just brought that intensity to the secondary.

He's also a leader. When you asked him questions he'd be there to answer them for you. He wasn't one of those vets that that would ignore you, he was always there for you.

The discussion moved to the new additions of Zach Miller and Sidney Rice, and what it means to the defense to practice against guys like that. Chancellor had this to say:

When you're practicing against high-profile guys like that, you can build your craft and get better. I think (both sides) are competing against each other and competing every day, it will turn over to the game.

Finally, if you're a receiver catching the ball in Chancellor's area, what can you expect?

A big collision. Maybe a helmet might come off if it aint strapped up right (laughing).

Damn right. 

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