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Seattle Seahawks Training Camp DJ Is A Real Thing

There's been a bit of controversy recently and it can all be traced back to Danny Kelly, lead editor at Field Gulls. Kelly has been at Seattle Seahawks training camp practices and joked about a DJ spinning the ones and twos during workouts. Pete Carroll is always one to lighten up practice with music, but Kelly quickly relented, opining that it may just be an iPod loaded up with music. With that, we had confusion about whether the Seattle Seahawks DJ was a real thing.

Turns out, it is! The Seahawks do, in fact, have a DJ on-site at the VMAC, spinning the latest cuts as players workout in front of fans who made the trip. Ray Roberts shot a short video of the DJ in action, because this is training camp, we love football and every tidbit is interesting this time of year.

If you were wondering whether or not a trip to Renton for training camp was worth it, this should answer your question. The crowds are fantastic, the weather is great, the players are preparing for the season and there's a DJ. Nothing could be better.

Check out the training camp schedule and start planning your trip now. For the latest news from the VMAC, visit our Seattle Seahawks training camp StoryStream.