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Pete Carroll Wants You To Call A Seattle Seahawks Play

Ever wanted to call a real NFL play? Think you have the perfect play to open a game? Are you ready for your own shot as an NFL offensive coordinator? Now's your chance to leave your own, unique mark on the Seattle Seahawks. Pete Carroll, head coach of the Seahawks, asked his followers on Twitter to send him a play he can use against the San Diego Chargers next week. Carroll will pick the winner, and use the play to open the Seahawks first offensive series.

And he wasn't kidding.

want to call the 1st play in our game vs SD next week? tweet in your play idea... we'll pick 1 & call it! #SEAtweetplaycall. I'm serious now, we’ll pick one of your plays! but if it doesn’t work, we’re holding you accountable!! #SEAtweetplaycall

We all now exactly how this will turn out and I'm sure Carroll has already received plenty of halfback pass, flea flicker and reverse pass suggestions. Judging by how Carroll operates, he'll probably pick something out of the ordinary. Would it surprise anyone if the Seahawks ran a play that appeared to be drawn up in the sand on a playground?

Send your suggestions in to @PeteCarroll, using the #SEAtweetplaycall hashtag. Make it count!