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Seattle Seahawks Roster Cuts: Primer For Tuesday's 80 Man Deadline

The Seattle Seahawks have let go of eight of the ten players necessary to fulfill the 80 man roster cut. They still need to take two more guys out.

Here's a summary of the eight men already put back on the stream.

  • Fourth-string WRs Chris Carter & Patrick Williams, plus WR Brandon Smith, who was on the team for a whole twelve days. I'm guessing none of them had close to a chance of making it all the way.
  • Fourth-string CB Jesse Hoffman
  • Third-string LB Neal Howey
  • Third-string RG Zach Hurd
  • Third-string DT Teryl White
  • Backup FB Ryan Travis

You don't know who these people are, and you'll never have to know about them again.

Right now, Seattle is at 82 players, and they still need to lose two more players. Who could they be? You'd have to guess CBs Byron Maxwell, Ron Parker, Kelly Jennings and Kennard Cox are all fighting to stay up there behind the two-deep. Third-string offensive linemen William Robinson, Lemuel Jeanpierre, and Brent Osborne all figure to factor in, as will linebackers Neal Howey, Michael Johnson and Mike Morgan.

But most of them will survive next week. It's the next cut they all have to worry about.

For the latest news, stay with our Seahawks roster cuts StoryStream. For more on the Seahawks roster moves, make sure to check out Field Gulls.