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Clinton McDonald: Newest Seattle Seahawk And Subtle Junk Punch Expert

What do the Seattle Seahawks have in Clinton McDonald, the man they traded Kelly Jennings for on Monday morning? Nobody is quite sure at the moment, though the Seahawks do have a need at defensive tackle and McDonald should add depth. Jennings wasn't long for Seattle, despite the new contract he signed after the lockout ended, and the Seahawks were able to turn him into a defensive tackle. On the surface, it seems like a good move, even if we don't know a ton about him yet.

We do, however, know his junk punch ability is second-to-none, as evidenced by this video dug up by Sigmund Bloom and posted on Field Gulls. To the 1:00 mark, where the fun begins.

This, friends, is a pass rush gone horribly right and a perfect example of a coach standing in the line of fire. I, for one, like his motor, moxie and junk-punch ability. McDonald's early grade: 10/10. Nice pickup!

Field Gulls will have a real scouting report later, so be sure to check them out.