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2011 NFL Free Agency: Marcus Trufant Loses Nearly Half Of Salary

The Seattle Seahawks are fast cutting the fat off of contracts that have hindered the franchise the past decade, and cornerback Marcus Trufant is next in line. According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, Trufant will see his $5.9 million salary for 2010 be restructured to $3 million. He can get a lot of it back ($2.5 million-plus) if he gets a "certain number" of interceptions and earns a Pro Bowl spot (not at all a random selector of talent evaluation), and $250,000 if he sees the playing field for a certain period of time.

In terms of pure finances, this makes perfect sense for Seattle. The Seahawks want to clear the books and make sure the team is able to make good signings at the proper value. In terms of personnel though, this could lead to heavy volatility for next season where Seattle is left scrambling to try and fill the roster with new names. Trufant does have two years left, but neither is guaranteed. You'd figure just like Aaron Curry, Trufant will try and test the free agent waters in 2012 if neither can earn back the money lost based on previous performance.

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