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Seahawks Vs Broncos: Tim Tebow Expected To Backup Kyle Orton

After enduring one of the most public and celebrated(?) demotions in recent history last week, it appears that Tim Tebow will actually be the 2nd string QB tonight when the Seahawks take on the Broncos in Denver. This development was reported by Mike Klis of the Denver Post. He said:

[Kyle]Orton will start and is scheduled to play at least one series into the third quarter. All signs point to Tim Tebow coming in ahead of Brady Quinn. Tebow got a few more second-team reps than Quinn as this practice week went along. If Tebow is the first quarterback in, the move could be more about his development than anything regarding his place on the depth chart.

Regardless of the reason or whether or not his promotion is temporary or not, it's interesting news because of the crazy polarized attitude towards the 25th pick in last year's Draft. The depth of emotion around whether or not Tebow deserves a shot makes Seattle's new "quarterback controversy" pale in comparison. I haven't had much of an opportunity to watch Tebow play in the pros as of yet, so it will be fun to see him in action against the Seahawks.