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VIDEO: Pete Carroll Takes Seattle Seahawks Go-Kart Racing

When training camp gets tough and morale starts to take a dive, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll knows exactly what his team needs for a boost: K1 go kart racing. That's right, the players took it to the track to let off so steam, and prove to one another once and for all who is the top dog on the team. Make the jump to check out the action. 

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the video:

Coach Carroll obviously had a score to settle: 

"we can go and have our meetings right now...or we can settle this on the track!"

Watching oversized men squeeze into tiny go karts in laughable enough, but add some of the commentaries from the players and it gets even better:

Quarterback Charlie Whitehurst felt like it was more like NASCAR race than it was an enjoyable day at the track

"About three [turns] from the finish I'm trying to pass [Robert] Gallery to take the lead and he put me into the wall...we'll have to work it out...there might be a fight in the pits."

Gallery saw it a little bit differently:

"I had to put Charlie [Whitehurst] in the cheap seats because he was driving like a -expletive deleted-."


Here's the link to the video via, absolutely classic.

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