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Lawyer Milloy Publicly Backs Charlie Whitehurst, Is Not Helping Matters

Former Seahawks strong safety and now current free agent Lawyer Milloy stirred the pot a little bit by publicly putting his support behind second-string quarterback Charlie Whitehurst. On his Twitter account, Milloy had this to say:

Charlie Whitehurst should be our starting QB opening day. #ImJustSaying. What u think #12s #12thman #Seahawks #seattleless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

Milloy is referring to Charlie's performance Saturday night against the Vikings -- 14/19, with 97 yards passing and one touchdown. Whitehurst looked cool and collected, confident and composed. He was playing against backups though, something the coaching staff surely has taken into account. 

Whitehurst's performance was in contrast to that of starting QB Tarvaris Jackson, who passed for 75 yards, completing 11 of 21 passes and throwing one interception that wasn't his fault. Jackson, despite poor (ish) numbers and results, didn't play as bad as his stat line, in my opinion, and was forced to run and scramble behind a porous offensive line. 

Milloy's tweet will stir up some controversy nonetheless, but Pete Carroll will have none of it. He has already quashed that notion, and when asked about Milloy's comments, replied that 'thats a conversation I'll have to have with Lawyer.'