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Pete Carroll Punks Raheem Brock

Some of you may remember that Raheem Brock got arrested this summer for allegedly skipping out on a bar tab. The details are a little murky, but based on the information available to us, one can surmise a certain lady friend of Brock's was the main culprit. Per's story at the time:

It wasn't even (Brock) that was the issue. It was the female he was with, getting angry and wanting to leave. The female was mad (because) she wanted something that wasn't on the menu. So she went across the street and got something from another restaurant.

Regardless, it appears that Pete Carroll isn't too concerned about the incident, and never one to miss an opportunity to entertain, played a little trick on Raheem in Friday's team meeting. See below:

Looks like Brock took the joke well and the rest of the team thought it was pretty funny. This isn't the first time Carroll has punked his players -- the tradition goes back to his days at USC.