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NFL Free Agents: Seattle Seahawks 'Plan On Signing' Zach Miller

The best laid plans don't always work out, but the Seattle Seahawks are reportedly working to sign Zach Miller. The Oakland Raiders tight end is in Seattle on Monday, sitting down with the Seahawks front office to talk business. He's being wined and dined with a clear goal in mind: To steal him from Oakland in the middle of free agency.

According to ESPN's Bill Williamson, the Seahawks aren't messing around. Miller re-signing in Oakland was once a sure-thing and now appears less than certain.

That may not be a good sign for the Raiders. All indications are that the Seahawks plan on signing Miller.

If he made the trip up North, it’s obvious Miller is willing to go elsewhere. Perhaps he made the trip to let the Raiders know he is losing patience.

Just because the Seahawks plan on signing Miller doesn't mean it will magically happen. This is a two-sided affair and Miller would have to be willing to part with the Raiders, something that seemed inconceivable a few weeks ago. And as Williamson mentions, this could all be a negotiating ploy on Miller's part.

Still, there's plenty of smoke and the Seahawks seem hell-bent on keeping Miller in Seattle. Whatever happens should occur quickly, and we should know how the trip went sooner rather than later.

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