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NFL Trade Rumors: Osi Umenyiora's Price Has To Come Down For A Deal

Osi Umenyiora was reportedly given permission to begin working out a trade on Monday morning, which would make it seem like a deal may be close. In reality, though, there's a long way to go before the New York Giants send him on his merry way. The Giants don't plan on letting Umenyiora walk for pennies, and seem to be holding steadfast in asking for a top-end draft pick.

The latest Umenyiora update comes from and tells us what we've expected all along: a first-round pick in a trade is too much for the Giants' defensive end.

Tony Agnone, Umenyiora's agent, contacted several teams Monday about the defensive end, according to league sources. But, as expected, teams aren't biting at the Giants' current asking price, although receiving a second- or third-round pick is feasible, sources told La Canfora. If the Giants lower their stance, ample potential for a deal exists.

Nobody was ever going to send a No. 1 to New York for Umenyiora. It just wasn't realistic, nor was it feasible. However, it wouldn't be surprising if the Seahawks were interested in the big defensive end if he cost a second- or third-round pick.

According to the report, the Seahawks aren't along, with the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots each reportedly showing interest. On Sunday, Umenyiora reportedly expressed interest in Seattle, though nobody quite knows if it's mutual or not as of now.

For now, all talks seem to be in a holding pattern, with the Giants having to relent and accept a less-valuable draft pick if a deal is going to get done. On the plus side, at least we know the Seahawks aren't throwing a first-round pick around and plan on keeping what may end up being a top-half draft pick.

Check out the full league year schedule here. We'll be back with more on the Seahawks trade rumors in this StoryStream. For even more Seahawks news and notes, head over to Field Gulls.